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I’m noticing a lot of this blog is becoming taken up by many travel posts, which is great but let’s keep the focus, health is also what changed my life around so let’s start with the one thing which made the biggest change: yoga.


Many a time a conversation with someone who wants to start yoga has gone something like this… “ I want to start yoga but…” and most of the time it’s the same reasons, and for some reason, I can’t seem to get across why these reasons should not bother you, so here are my top 3 in writing:

1. I’m not flexible enough: 

This is the most popular reason I come across and saying your not flexible enough for yoga is like saying your fit enough to go to the gym. You are there to help your flexibility and strength and improve it! This isn’t something everyone is just born with and because of that they practice yoga.

2. I don’t have the time 

On many days my yoga consists of 5 minutes, if that! Yoga is not something built to fit your life around, it is there to fit into your life. The purpose of the practice is to find peace, not push your body to all limitations. The reason we practice asanas (postures) is to put our minds to a test of what happens when you are placed in a difficult situation.

3. I’m not spiritual 

I’m not going to start preaching here about spirituality but you do not have to be spiritual or even believe in anything but YOURSELF to practice. There is such a generalisation around what we “should be” to practice yoga, where really, the real practice teaches to not “be” anything but ourselves.

Finally, stop with the excuses, get to your local class, ask your teacher all the questions you like and give it a go!