Hey, it’s siobhan

I’m the girl who you’ll often find looking something like the little blonde haired emoji with a laptop in front of her 👩🏼‍💻

I’m a creative girl from the UK who is consistently passionate about pushing the boundaries of design + creativity to make an everlasting impact on this world. 

I started working as a designer way back in my young school days where I studied art + design and went on to complete a degree + masters in visual communication. I’ve always been driven by synthesising information. 

 Other areas I’m passionate about and sometimes become intertwined in my creative work are psychology, health + travel. 

Most recently, I’ve been working with a business psychologist creating a set of ebooks and marketing material to help her clients maximise their own potential and live a life they are truly passionate about. 




Because I know you’re dying to know…

Eduard Ungureanu

Eduard Ungureanu

Project Manager

Meet Patch

Meet Patch

This is the best dog in the world

Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

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