How to spend a day in Chiang Mai

How to spend a day in Chiang Mai

Stay: Chiang Mai Gate Hotel | Play: Wild Rose Yoga | Eat: Street Food Tour

The Journey

One of the main things to remember about travelling is, the journey can sometimes (actually, often) take longer than expected. I was travelling from Phitsanulok (about 4 hours bus from Bangkok) and thought the trip was going to take 4/5 hours – in actual fact it took 7, with a change from one bus to another half way.

The Day

Upon arrival, take a trip a few metres up the road – it is highly recommended to try to street food, with Thailand being well known as the king of street food.

The next day, if you are up early and feel like a bit of a refreshment after travelling, I recommend a place called Wild Rose Yoga, it was a great studio and had a really enjoyable morning class.

If you are not one for tourism, like myself, or doing the all day excursions ask in the yoga studio what there is to do in the day. Local knowledge is usually very good knowledge. They recommended to me walking round the old city and visiting all the temples (for free), for a little adventure.

Here, you can actually see the monks homes. A monk was standing outside when I was there and he came over and spoke to me. He was such a nice guy, good sense of humour and spoke good English too! He explained how it is believed all Thai men should be a monk at least once in their life, whether it be for a week or a month. This is paying respect to their parents.

After the temples, try one of the little cafes – if you can find it, there is one on the corner with a ton of old books and amazing ice cream, I can’t remember the name of it, apologies!

Then, if you’re feeling up to it, and want to prep yourself to feel amazing for the evening, head back to the yoga studio for another class 😉

In the evening, try some of the local bars and more street food! It’s a completely different setting at night and so beautiful. You can stay at Chiang Mai Gate Hotel. It’s a budget hotel but decent for the price paid.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Top 3 reasons you’re struggling to start yoga

Top 3 reasons you’re struggling to start yoga

I’m noticing a lot of this blog is becoming taken up by many travel posts, which is great but let’s keep the focus, health is also what changed my life around so let’s start with the one thing which made the biggest change: yoga.


Many a time a conversation with someone who wants to start yoga has gone something like this… “ I want to start yoga but…” and most of the time it’s the same reasons, and for some reason, I can’t seem to get across why these reasons should not bother you, so here are my top 3 in writing:

1. I’m not flexible enough: 

This is the most popular reason I come across and saying your not flexible enough for yoga is like saying your fit enough to go to the gym. You are there to help your flexibility and strength and improve it! This isn’t something everyone is just born with and because of that they practice yoga.

2. I don’t have the time 

On many days my yoga consists of 5 minutes, if that! Yoga is not something built to fit your life around, it is there to fit into your life. The purpose of the practice is to find peace, not push your body to all limitations. The reason we practice asanas (postures) is to put our minds to a test of what happens when you are placed in a difficult situation.

3. I’m not spiritual 

I’m not going to start preaching here about spirituality but you do not have to be spiritual or even believe in anything but YOURSELF to practice. There is such a generalisation around what we “should be” to practice yoga, where really, the real practice teaches to not “be” anything but ourselves.

Finally, stop with the excuses, get to your local class, ask your teacher all the questions you like and give it a go! 



I’ve been a bit delayed with this post but I got to experience Songkran a week ago.

Songkran is the Thai New Year and they basically block of all the streets and cover each other in paint and water for 3 days. This country knows how to celebrate the new year properly! If you’re looking to tick things of your bucket list, make sure this is on it!

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